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The right combination of Color, Texture, and Quality is

what sets ourCommercial Landscaping Design

Projects apart from all others!!


The landscape of your property speaks volumes

about your brand and the message is clear... Sparse

plants, not properly mulched,without quality care and

consideration can leave a negative impression of

your business.


Many property managers can get caught up in the

busy day-to-day operations, and understandably so.

There are many demands on your time, often

unplanned. We would like to suggest that instead

of evaluating your property landscaping just once

or twice a year, consider the following questions on

a monthly or quarterly basis:


What message does our current landscaping design convey?


Do people compliment the visual appeal of our landscaping?


Does our current provider deliver consistent results every season?

Does our landscaping evolve throughout the year?


Does our turf have a lush appearance and is it properly treated and maintained?


A Basnight Land and Lawn Design can properly frame your property entrance, and create an inviting journey within.


Our experienced professionals take great pride in doing whatever it takes to create beautiful backdrops for commercial properties, all with sensitivity for the environment. We use only carefully selected, top-quality plants, shrubs and trees, most grown locally by our sister company, Greenbrier Farms. We ensure products used are well-suited to each location, assuring an investment is made for lasting outdoor beauty.


Basnight Land and Lawn's Account Management Team is available to discuss all available options to ensure your property's appearance exceeds expectations.


As always, if you have any questions, our office can be reached at 757-436-9617 

Color is key image.jpg

Color is KEY to Spring and Summer Landscaping

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