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You don't need to worry about the constant build up water on your property anymore! Get the proper drainage you need. 

Control the Water 

It's time to handle that out of control drainage problem on your property! Don't let another storm hit before you have a proper drainage solution installed! 

Standing water in your driveway or yard?

Basnight’s Experienced Drainage professionals quickly identify drainage problems and select the right solution to resolve issues.

Basnight Land and Lawn provides a diverse range of stormwater management solutions that capture, convey and retain stormwater throughout a wide variety of residential and commercial applications. With our specially designed solutions, you get peace of mind that your excess water issues have been handled with long term solutions.


A well-planned and excellently built drainage system brings some truly outstanding practical benefits that property owners can enjoy. One benefit is keeping soil erosion at bay, particularly in areas around foundations. Another is avoiding slippery areas that could cause accidental slips and falls. Property owners could also look forward to healthier plants and turf since there won’t be puddles or pools of water around the lawn, which could drown the plantings. Mosquito infestation can also be avoided when it is properly designed and installed. 

At Basnight Land and Lawn, we use several types of drainage solutions:

  • French drain: This is the most common drainage type used in properties across in Hampton Roads. A French drain is designed to direct the water into a drain instead of going into the landscape and other areas in your property. Its installation requires proper training, so you should hire only experienced drainage professionals.

  • Dry well: This solution diverts into a reservoir installed underground instead of being directed into the lawn or out in the streets, where it can be released into the soil over time.  Dry wells are often used in conjunction with other methods.

  • Swale:  A swale is essentially a graded portion in a lawn that directs water across the surface of a property, using gravity to direct flow toward the desired release point.

  • Downspout adapters:  These are used to take storm water straight off your roof, and run it into piping that directs it, under ground, away from your home’s foundation, to a better release point.

Basnight Land and Lawn takes great pride in our many years of experience installing functional and efficient drainage systems for residents Hampton Roads and surrounding areas. We will ensure that the storm water is properly directed away from critical structures and features on your property.

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