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Our teams are dedicated to staying on top of the latest technological trends in water management. Let us help you find the water solution you need! 

Water Management 

Proper water management can save a company lots of money over time. Do not get caught with out of date equipment making your irrigation system inefficient.

We design, Install and Service your water management system. 

Basnight Land and Lawn is prepared to handle all of your outdoor water needs. Basnight’s team of certified professionals with years of experience in all areas of water management provides design, installation and maintenance. 

Basnight Land and Lawn can service any irrigation system. We service all brands, makes, and models from large to small. Our service technicians with a combined 120 years’ experience work from 5 fully outfitted service trucks and are prepared to take care of any problem.

Basnight provides monthly maintenance services for residential and commercial properties. We keep your irrigation system working smoothly to avoid loss of turf or plant material due to too much or too little watering. We also offer the best “Winterization” and “Spring Start-up” services in the area. If we winterize it, we warranty it (from freeze damage). If we winterize your system and any part of the system is damaged by freezing, we will repair or replace those parts at no additional cost to you. Basnight Land and Lawn also warranties our service repairs for up to one year compared to the 90 day warranty typically offered.

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