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Post Storm Clean-Up & Fall Prep

Don’t Try This At Home
If you had storm damage, resist the temptation to get out and start cleaning up right away. The ground is still incredibly wet and even walking across grassy areas can damage your lawn and open space areas.

Wheelbarrows, tractors and carts will do even more damage, not to mention trucks. Our area will need several more days of sunshine and wind to dry out the soil enough so that you or crews can address cleanup needs without destroying what you want to protect. If you have questions, please contact your Basnight Land & Lawn contact, or call our main office, 757-436-9617. Following the storm, check your irrigation run times. With all the rain we have received and the overseeding/aerating schedule, your programs may need to be adjusted.

Fall Color
Our crews have begun installing and maintaining fall color in commercial flower beds and our locally-grown plants are looking great! Did you know our plants, shrubs and trees are grown right here in Chesapeake on historic Greenbrier Farms? You can’t get plants any fresher than that, and it shows in our fall beds.

Snow Removal Planning

Our snow removal crews were busy the past several years, and though it may not seem like it today, now is the time to plan for winter snowstorms and snow removal. Basnight Land & Lawn can handle your snow removal needs, and we give first priority to our maintenance contracted properties. We want to make sure your properties are accessible and safe this winter — call us today to be sure you have contracted snow and ice removal services this winter; 757-436-9617.

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